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Contemporary Periodontology and Implant Dentistry

Contemporary Perio., Ortho-Perio., Inter-disciplinary Oral Rehabilitation and Implant Dentistry

Program Conducted:

Interactive seminar style or virtually through Zoom
Duration: 2 hours
Who is it for? Clinical Members of the Dental Team: Dentist, Dental Specialist, Hygienist.

About the course:

A clinical, evidence-based contemporary literature update for 2022 and beyond.

Learning objectives include:

•  Evidence based treatment concepts to achieve definitive periodontal therapy and associated long-term success. Topics will include benefits and limitations of scaling and root planning, perioscopy, respective and regenerative surgical pocket reduction and LANAP.
•  Goals, objectives, and factors guiding the definitive end point of periodontitis therapy.
•  Adjunctive periodontal surgical therapies to facilitate predictable restorative and orthodontic therapy.
•  Contemporary thought regarding the status of soft and hard tissue grafting modalities.
•  The role of implant therapy in comprehensive care.
•  Implants versus teeth. (Perhaps implants are not a panacea!).
•  Risk factors associated with implant therapy, including Peri-implantitis therapies (When, where and why).
•  Value of comprehensive interdisciplinary strategies to achieve predictable long-term treatment success, in other words, treatment planning for the fourth dimension – TIME.
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