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Hands-on Training for SFOT

In Person, Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Treatment, Surgeon + Orthodontist

Program Conducted:

Interactive seminar style or virtually through Zoom
Duration: 4 hours
Who is it for? Clinical Members of the Dental Team: Dentist, Dental Specialist, Hygienist.

About the course:

Many periodontists and oral surgeons have expressed an interest in SFOT hands-on training, plus promotion of this treatment modality in their dental communities. This relates both to yourself, your community orthodontists and referring dentists. I have built a detailed, surgically oriented PowerPoint seminar for Periodontists and Oral Surgeons plus their referring orthodontist/s to meet this request. Each program will be limited to six surgeons and their guest/s orthodontist. This format should facilitate substantial group interactive discussion.

Remuneration: Our family recently established a substantial scholarship fund through the AAP foundation. Honoraria will be a reasonable donation to this fund. An total amount of $5,000.00, (or more or more), per attendee and orthodontist/s is suggested The Richman family AAPF scholarship will be awarded annually to residents and young faculty interested in research devoted to the Perio-Ortho interface, with a strong emphasis on SFOT/PAOO.

The Training program will be approximately 4 hours, probably on a Saturday morning, or alternatively on a weekday from 4-8, as requested by attendees. Included in the fee, will subsequently host an educational program for clinical staff (especially hygienists and assistants) and referring dentists in your community.
Appropriate supporting literature, (surgical and orthodontic) will be provided. This will be followed by treatment planning sessions, problem solving sessions etc. periodically. The initial contribution will cover the second program.

Please let me know if you are interested in this training. My cell phone and email are above. Also, let me know if you have any colleagues (periodontists or oral surgeons) who might be interested in this SFOT training program. I shall then contact them.
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